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It is hard to put into words just how much Vicki has helped our little family.

We contacted Vicki in desperation when our son was 10 weeks old. Our previously settled baby had been diagnosed with silent reflux. He cried constantly, was awake all day and we were unable to settle him to sleep. We were beyond exhausted and had no idea where to turn next.
Right from the first phone call Vicki made us feel like we were the most important part of her day. She prioritized our needs and came to our house within a day. That afternoon our baby was happy and asleep in his bassinet for three hours. From then on things continued to improve rapidly.
We felt like we had won the lottery. No longer emotionally drained and exhausted, we were able to have confidence in our decision making as parents. Our baby boy was transformed back into his happy, contented and settled self within days.
Vicki's gentle and nurturing approach is second to none. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Nor can we accurately express our gratitude for her support with words. Our outlook as parents will forever be changed by her genuine kindness and guidance.
Thank-you for being amazing Vicki. You are truly one in a million.

Brooke, Tom and Jagger

"I cannot recommend Vicki Kirkland enough! I am telling everyone about her because of how she has rescued me twice now. With my first born, who had reflux, colic and a dairy intolerance, who didn't sleep more than 45 minutes, day and night, Vicki armed me with the tools and supported me to get him into a solid sleep routine day and night. He slept through the night at 5 and a half months with Vickis help. When my second born started to go through a sleep regression at 4 months, I didn't hesitate and called Vicki straight away. Vicki helped me through, propping me up with a plan during the day and again coaching me before I faced night time wakings. 45 min day sleeps stretched to an hour and a half, two hours and night time sleeps stretched out as well. What a relief to have a sleep expert there, reassuring, holding your hand, giving you support through such a sleep deprived and tough time. Vicki focuses on ensuring Mum and baby are happy, and my babies were never distressed during the process which was a big relief."


"We called in Vicki's help when our son was 8 weeks old. We were spending hours each day trying to get Seb to sleep then trying to resettle him when he woke after 30 minutes. I would highly recommend Vicki to anyone who is at the end of their tether trying to get their baby to sleep.
Vicki has a very kind, helpful nature and a high degree of professionalism. Her support is fantastic and her help and advice will exceed your expectations.
Once you have worked with Vicki you will wonder why you didn't call her sooner!"

Andrew and Emma Ward

I first met Vicki by telephone, a warm bright voice answered and willingly answered my many questions. Our first conversation was somewhat of an interrogation and Vicki to her credit did not flinch. She answered every question in full and each one with a confidence I had not heard before. At the time I had a 5.5 month old little boy, who had not slept during the day since he was 9 weeks old. I had comforted myself with the fact that he slept an entire 12hours at night. But as I explained to Vicki, recently he had started waking during the night, I was getting very concerned. A friend had heard Vicki speak at a SPACE meeting and thought she might be able to help me.
I am a well-educated person, I have a Masters in Finance, a First class honours degree in Finance and Economics. Prior to having our first child I had enjoyed a very successful career in Corporate Banking spanning almost 10 years. I have negotiated incredibly difficult and complex transactions in Energy & Infrastructure, worked long hours for months on end and faced very stressful restructures (during the 2008 financial crisis). Personally I have successfully faced many resilience requiring events. I have a wonderful loving and supportive husband and financially we are able to provide for our family. However, I can honestly say, nothing had prepared me for the challenges that occur when motherhood arrives at your door.
I could not crack this 'challenge of sleep'. I could make our wee boy smile and giggle, but sleep - forget about it. I read books, searched the internet, asked other mothers and tried to replicate what they were doing. Nothing helped. I spent hours trying to fix the problem and ended up with a crying unhappy baby, I decided if he didn't want to sleep he didn't have to. But what happens if they start waking in the night too - the only part of the day where there is peace. Needlesss to say, I was extremely sceptical that Vicki could help after all I had tried everything. I gave her a serious grilling yet she sounded genuine - that perhaps she had a way I hadn't tried, so finally I asked her "you aren't going to come in to my home waving crystals or some other strange crap are you?". She laughed and assured me she had no strange beliefs or powers. She was hired.
Vicki arrived the next morning. She taught me so much in two hours. Within 24 hours our wee boy was having day time sleeps day and back to sleeping through the night. It took a few more weeks of phone calls before I had "Vicki's rules of thumb sorted" and she was always there answering her phone when I needed advice. She often asked me, "what do you think needs to happen". It was not Vicki telling me what to do, it was Vicki coaching me. She said "I want you to be a confident mother, I want you to know what to do". It was frustrating at times because I just wanted someone to solve my problem and tell me what to do. But I am so glad she does not work that way, because I needed to learn and be independent. I had lost so much confidence and Vicki helped me get it back, she also gave me that tools to be successful. I learnt some valuable lessons and equally important we had a happy family again. Everyone is much happier with sleep, mothers, baby's and the daddy too!
Of course baby's are continually changing, we hit a bumpy road when Daniel was 12 months so I called Vicki again. The response was the same. Yes we can sort that. And she did. At 18 months when I was struggling to keep Daniel in a day sleep, she sorted us/him again. Thanks to Vicki he is an amazing sleeper, what gift to have a child that sleeps happily is bliss. With so much research pointing to the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation in children - leading to behavioural issues - it really is critical that baby's sleep - happily. I continue to use many of her tools and he is almost 3 years old. I currently have a newborn baby girl, Hannah is 9 weeks old. She is a delight. I called Vicki when we were pregnant. She met with me the week before Hannah was due. She has supported me since the birth and again I have learnt so much. Second time around does not necessarily make a wiser mother. I was very concerned about making the same mistakes again, while I was sure I knew what not to do, I had no idea what I should do! Vicki has been amazing. Hannah is a wonderful baby and I am a much happier mother. Our home is happier, expectations are realistic and we are not as worried when the inevitable bumps occur along the road.
What makes Vicki so successful? Perhaps it is that she doesn't treat babies or mothers like textbooks. She gets to know you. She gets to know your baby. She doesn't need long because she has an incredible natural affinity with people. She listens and makes recommendations based on your individual situation - always working alongside you making sure you are comfortable with every suggestion. She is encouraging and patient and she knows how to coach tired, exhausted, emotionally weak mothers. It is a rare person who can understand and help a mother in need by tailoring the advice to the mothers emotional state/capacity and then coaching her in to a healthy confident place. Vicki has this ability. She is a wonderful person indeed. I am so pleased to have met her because with her help I have been able to enjoy motherhood and benefit from happy well rested children.
I highly recommend Vicki to all mothers, first time or not, you will benefit from wonderful advice that will help you with all aspects of having a baby. She is incredible with advice from newborn to toddlers. She is a genuine sleep expert who knows babies and children. I am one of the most skeptical people, but if you are willing to learn she will teach you the keys to a happy, sleeping baby… and family! I am happy to provide further verbal recommendation should you require any further assistance in your search for a "Baby Whisperer".

Sincerely, Rebecca JH Mackenzie

"Vicki's work as a postnatal consultant is so important to the new parents and babies in this area. Vicki provides a truly serene and welcoming environment for a new family to work out how to thrive in the early days of postnatal life. Vicki's treatment plans are tailored and individualised to each baby and their unique circumstances and challenges. When I have had the opportunity to assist with treatment of her clients in my clinic, they always report how happy they are with Vicki's care and dedication. Thanks, Vicki!"

Julee Stanley B.Th., Dip. MT, NH, Dip. Hom

We hired Vicki when our baby Chloe was 12months old, I had recently been diagnosed with Post Natal depression and had a rough winter with my little girl not sleeping catnapping during the day and waking 4-5plus times overnight we were shattered on top of dealing with Chloe constantly being ill and frequent visits to hospital with bronciolitis and respiratory issues.
When I first spoke to Vicki over the phone I was greeted with a calm, supporting and caring voice, finally I had foundsomeone who cared and genuinely understood what we were going through and was going to help us. A few days later Vicki visited us in our home and warmly helped give us the confidence and assurance that everything was going to be ok and it was going to get better. Vicki saw that Chloe was not a well wee girl and immediately referred us to asthma NZ, where we were seen by a nurse and urgently referred to a hospital paediatrician, Vicki remained by our side supporting us through as we got help for our wee girl, she even accompanied me to her specialist appointment where she was finally given a diagnosis of asthma and put on the correct medications to manage it the best we could. At the time we were going through so much as a family emotionally with my mother in law having major life saving surgery, and the death of my grandmother. Vicki helped us remain strong she genuinely cared about us as a family and I knew we were important to her she called us frequently and answered my calls to make sure we were ok and supported us through this hard time.
Once we had Chloe's medical diagnosis sorted we worked alongside Vicki as she gently helped us with Chloe's sleep patterns. Vicki knows how to work alongside tired and struggling mothers, gently and reassuringly. The plan she put in place for us she made sure we were definitely comfortable with and didn't pressure us into anything. This was followed by daily phone calls of support until we had the sleep sorted,She answered every question with confidence and made sure we were all ok.
If I had any questions or concerns she would always greatfullyand willingly answer them. We hired Vicki also to help us with my at the time 6 year old boy who has bedwetting problems and was starting to find it tough himself and getting frustrated that he couldn't help himself stay dry, was waking extremely early (pre 5am most mornings) and assisted us in setting out a after school routine so home work would not be a constant battle. Vicki understood, she gave the perfect gentle words and reminders to make him feel safe and stay a confident young boy, helped us set out a routine that was individually suited to our family and that we were happy with contributing to an overall calmer household.
I will forever be greatful for Vicki being there for us over the last year and half, she has helped make me a more confident, and happy mother, her patience, kind, gentle and caring naturehas helped get me through some very hard times. The reassuring phone calls if Chloe was in hospital with asthma just making sure we were ok and organising meals for us for when we got home, always being there on the other end of the phone answering any question I had. Chloe now loves her sleep, has great daytime sleeps and sleeps through the night.

Vicki on behalf of our family, words cannot thank you andexpress our gratitude enough, we are ever so blessed to have you in our life and we love you as if you were part of our family. You give the most amazing relaxation massages and always take the time to chat and have a coffee after wards, you really know how to pamper a mummy and make her feel safe and special and relaxed.

Thankful Mum

"Thank you so much for your support and wisdom, you have been the best investment we have made in our new baby. You made it all make sense and not so much of a guessing game, thanks again. "

Graham, Rachel and baby Samuel

Thank you so much Vicki for all your advice and on going support. I was struggling to get my little girl into a routine and you steered me in the right direction, gave me great advice and tips. Spending the day at Haven House was wonderful, not only getting baby advice but the special treats like my hair done, a relaxing bath and time out for a coffee in town. You are a genuine, caring and kind person who is lovely to deal with, I recommend you to anyone who needs help with their baby.

Thanks Michelle

Our day with Vicki was one filled with time for relaxation, education and affirmation that we had made a good start on the exciting journey as parents.
From the moment we contacted Vicki and told her about our beautiful wee boy who was struggling with reflux and that as a new mum I didn’t know what else I could do, we felt our little family was important to her and that no matter what, she would do all that she could to help us set up some routines and give us some practical advice in order for us to have a better understanding of how to cope with Zac’s feeding and sleeping which had been affected by him having reflux. On arrival at Haven House we were greeted by a very friendly Vicki whose warm manner made us feel at ease from the moment we arrived.
During the day, Vicki provided us with the practical support and advice that we needed so that we felt more comfortable with reading Zac’s tired signs and understanding his feeding needs. We also loved being able to question Vicki or discuss situations that we had faced or thought we might face and no matter what we talked to Vicki about or asked her, we were never made to feel as though what we had done or thought until that day was wrong.
We were constantly praised for what we were doing but given great suggestions as to what else we could do.
Vicki also went out of her way to help us sort out the right dose of medication for Zac to be on by making contact with our GP and discussing what we had talked about with her. This is one of many things from this day at Haven House that we feel has helped Zac become a much happier and more settled baby.
Aside from the need to learn about coping with a newborn baby, getting out of the house for a day to be waited on with yummy food and drinks and be pampered by having my hair done was a treat in itself!
At the end of what had been a very worthwhile day, we left Vicki feeling excited, refreshed and more confident about our new role as parents.
But, our time with Vicki didn’t stop when we drove out that day…..
The follow up support we have received from Vicki is outstanding….
whether it be us calling her when we have been unsure what to do or Vicki ringing us just to see how things are going we know that should we need her, Vicki is there to guide us and celebrate with us on our new journey in parenting.
We would highly recommend Vicki to anyone who feels they could do with some ‘support’, ‘affirmation’, ‘education’ and ‘relaxation’ to kick start a positive parenting experience.

Matt, Lee & Zac

"Vicki's advise solved our baby's sleeping issues. We were having great difficulty getting our little bundle to sleep during the day as she had gotten used to being rocked to sleep. Her being awake all day, and consequently extremely grumpy, was putting pressure on our entire lives. I got Vicki's number from a friend who said that she worked wonders for her baby. Vicki came to our house only three days after I called her and had very practical and helpful advise when she arrived. After our consultation, Vicki called every day for a week to make sure that Claire was on track and had advise for all of her individual hiccups. When Claire's sleeping problems hadn't been resolved in the usual week that Vicki corresponds with her clients, she was more than willing to advise me for the extra days that it took to get Claire sorted out. Vicki gave me the confidence that I needed to be firm with Claire and follow through with our routine and assured me that it was in Claire's best interest. Before Vicki, Claire was sleeping 45 minutes during the day. Now she sleeps approximately two hours twice a day. Claire is a much happier baby and I am a much happier Mommy."


Re: Hush Baby Sleep Unit (The Baby Whisperer- Vicki K)

Please accept this written testimonial in support of the development of the Hush Baby Sleep Unit. I have had the pleasure of working with Vicki for the past two and a half months in which her post natal support has been invaluable in the preservation of the mental and physical well being of myself and my beautiful four month old baby.
A friend in Hawkes Bay (who had worked successfully with Vicki three years ago when she was having problems with her babies sleep patterns) recommended Vicki to me to resolve sleep issues with my six week old baby. Vicki was able to identify circumstances contributing to my baby’s sleep difficulties and I truly believed she was the baby whisperer when on the second night she was working with us she said to me “you will see Penny, tonight he will sleep until 1am”, and sure enough at 1.02am he awoke after sleeping for five hours straight something he had never done before.
Her daily support (often twice daily or more) via phone has been exceptional and her knowledge of sleep and a baby’s general well being is extensive. Her recommendations and advice have surpassed that of my paediatrician and her emotional support to me as a mother has enabled me to get through the last few months, often when no one else seemed to be listening to my concerns.
Vicki continues to work with us, and has vowed to support us until my baby’s reflux is under control and he is sleeping like a contented little baby. I have no doubt that had I the opportunity to spend time in a sleep unit run by Vicki our issues would have been resolved some months ago. There is an immense benefit to having a unit where a mother and baby can continue to bond and promote healthy sleep and growth while receiving the appropriate support and oversight.
I would happily support the Hush Baby Sleep Unit in future should the need arise and I sincerely hope that one day the concept will reach Hawkes Bay and other areas of New Zealand. I would also not hesitate to refer other mothers and fathers to the unit and Vicki. The concept is an exciting venture for those of us who will have the opportunity to use it under Vicki’s expertise.

Kind Regards
Penny Isbister

It’s been less than a week and Vicki has sorted my 11 month olds sleep! Previously she would only sleep in her buggy (at night too) and would be awake in the night for at least 2 hours. I talked to Vicki on Friday morning. That night Sanah was in her cot and asleep within 5 minutes. Since then she has slept through the night twice (bliss) and when she has woken she has taken a maximum of 10 minutes to resettle after a bottle. There was one night of 2 hours, the next night 1/12 and then 10 minutes. Vicki, THANKYOU so very very much. Happy baby, happy mum and very happy family! xxx

Penny Vallabh

Thanks so much for all your help, Vicki!! We will certainly be recommending you to anyone struggling with a new baby. Our only wish was that we’d called you sooner! Our nine month old son, Nate, has gone from being sleep-deprived, using every prop under the sun (dummy, music, etc.) and requiring comfort feeds throughout the night, to happily crawling around his cot and falling asleep within five to ten minutes. With your caring support and once I followed your advice, he transformed to sleeping right through the night within 48 hours. It has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders and we now have a much, much happier home. Thanks again!

Michelle, Jason & Nate Liefting

Look at this happy little man – thanks so much Vicki for helping him (and us) finally get some sleep! Having always rocked him to sleep with a dummy in his mouth we can now put him down in his cot without a dummy. Usually he goes to sleep with no crying. He is our third child, and all of our kids have been very attached to their dummies – I never thought it possible to put a child to sleep without a dummy and not have them cry! Getting rid of the dummy was the best piece of advice you gave us thanks Vicki.

Katy Smith

After our wee man caught a bug his sleep was all over the place and we were all worn out- I called Vicki as she had been refered to me from a friend. BEST MOVE EVER! Our wee mans sleep improved within a day and even with teething was sleeping through for the first time ever after two weeks (would’ve been quicker without those pesky teeth!) The support Vicki gave us was amazing and the advice was always personalised to our boy and what had been happening that day. Vickis methods are always about nurturing your baby- so the techniques werent as hard or emotionally draining as some other techniques we had tried. I cannot recommend Vicki enough! Thanks Vicki xxx

Lee Powell

My Daughter (now 4 1/2 months old ) hadn’t been sleeping for longer than 30-45 min since birth. In just 5 days she has gone from being exhausted all day to an energetic, fun-loving child! All thanks to Vicki and her caring/peaceful techniques. I had my reservations at first, but TRUTH BE TOLD, I am extremely happy now that my little girl is sleeping and more buoyant because of it. “Many heartfelt thanks Vicki!”

Stef Crowley

My husband and I decided to use Vicki K postnatal when our son Vincent was about 6 weeks old. Vincent was very unsettled, crying a lot and up for long periods of time day and night. Our midwife recommended Vicki and after one quick phone call I knew Vicki was right for us.

Vicki came into our home and spent about 3 hours with us literally going over everything that was happening with Vincent and myself. Being a new mum I really had absolutely no idea what to do with a baby and Vicki made me feel completely comfortable and didn’t belittle any of my concerns or more importantly make me feel stupid when I asked an ‘obvious’ question.

After a week of keeping in close contact with each other we came to the conclusion that a lot of Vincents troubles were reflux based. Vicki helped us with different remedies to make absolutely sure we were dealing with reflux rather than rushing us off to a doctor for needless medication. We really appreciated the way she handled this situation as we couldn’t think of anything worse than giving Vincent meds he had no need for. Vicki was in constant contact with me during those tough times as well as before and after all our doctors visits.

Unfortunately for Vincent it wasn’t as simple as getting him on the right medications. Shortly after receiving medication he settled for a short few days and then the reflux kicked up another gear and along came the projectile vomiting. Once again Vicki was there to support me throughout all of this and was not only there to help but was an ear for one very stressed out and tired mummy. During our stay in Waikato Hospital she went above and beyond and was a constant contact.

In those early days not only did Vicki spot Vincents reflux problems she helped me to understand the fundamentals of getting him to sleep better, feed better and settle better which led to one very happy and relaxed mum and bubs. She was a constant support for me and I never once felt that I couldn’t call her and ask her another one of my ‘obvious’ questions. She gave me the ability to be the mum that I am today and to have faith in myself and my decisions. Never in all my travels have I met a person as genuinely caring and giving as Vicki Kirkland. I would highly recommend her to anyone and would not hesitate to talk to anyone thinking of using her.

It has been a long road getting Vincent to be the happy, well rounded and GOOD sleeper that he is today but I have no doubt in my mind that this has all been from the tireless support and ‘training’ Vicki gave me and my husband. There have been a lot of great times along this long road and I know that if I had not had Vickis help I would have struggled to enjoy the fun times.



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