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Professional Post Natal Support and Sleep Consultant for Baby and Child

Vicki K, Baby Sleep Consultant,
New Zealand

Vicki Kirkland is known amongst her professional peers as “the baby whisperer”.

If you are having difficulty developing a good sleeping routine for your baby/child, are in need of a baby whisperer, or if you or someone close to you is suffering from Post Natal Depression, then call Vicki NOW for personalised help!

Vicki K comes from a post-natal care background with over 10 years health care experience. Vicki K’s approach to sleep methods is designed to empower parents with the knowledge and confidence they need to establish healthy positive sleep routines in their children.

Vicki is passionate about ensuring that controlled crying techniques are not used, and believes these methods can be extremely harsh and often goes against the beliefs of parents. Vicki K’s philosophy is that babies are to be loved, cuddled, secure and nurtured in order to establish working routines. The environment in the family home is also a factor that needs to be considered including parents’ work schedules and other daily routines.

Vicki K offers a personalised individual service to clients and has the magic touch when it comes to Pre-Natal and Post-Natal care. Her expertise to help the whole family isn’t simply what she does it is who she is!!

Vicki has worked with hundreds of families throughout New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom offering specialist services to show them new ways for dealing with problem sleepers and a wide range of pre and post-natal issues.

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How can I help?

Every child is a treasure and I would love help you enjoy your baby to the fullest.

Maybe you can relate to:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, tired or stressed as a parent
  • Feeling confused or alarmed at your baby’s crying
  • Baby being unsettled or resisting sleep
  • Baby waking often at night
  • Struggling with the day-time routine
  • Baby struggling with colic, reflux, etc
  • Baby suffering from over-tiredness
  • Rocking your baby to sleep or use the car to assist your baby with sleeping

Are you in need of some simple, gentle, practical and supportive advice and guidance from someone who knows and understands parent and child?

Vicki offers a complete service, from helping to diagnose any underlying medical conditions, to complete post natal care available in your home.


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